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Boredom breeds creativity.


Ain’t no Camano crab.

It’s a mangrove crab.  Looks like a close relation to the dungeness – smaller shell, larger claws.  Take a look at the ‘tooth’ on the claw.  These crabs were collected for tissue sampling in a contaminated harbor.  Dan, I wish we could be feasting on these!


Here is Davis enjoying the patio.  Gotta love it.


Tropical fish

Here are a couple web pics of the fish we see snorkeling.  I purchased an inexpensive underwater camera but can’t get the shots electronically yet.  If you come visit, you’ll see these in person.  Below are the Picasso triggerfish, and Polyp butterfly fish.


Golfing on Guam is grand.

Had my first outing, the friday after Thanksgiving. The course was beautiful with rolling hills, lots of elevation changes, well-placed bunkers and water, and palm trees. Palm trees are not 90% air. The fronds at the top reject balls like a brick wall. The course reminds me a lot of Pine Mountain Lake at George and Gail’s cabin in CA. If the other courses on the island are like this one, you’ll need to bring your clubs for a visit. For $50, I think the Talofofo Course rivals those in Palm Desert.


The Manta Ray.

Here’s another cool water park ride at the Onward Hotel.  Shaped like a gigantic manta ray, the rush is fast.  The initial drop is steep and you feel like your leaving everything up at the top of the ride.  Not for the faint hearted.


There’s a wave pool for boogie boarding too.


Just over 2 months.

I can’t believe it’s been only two and a half months.  Traveling to Boston for a conference this past week, I’ve run into many old colleagues who had no idea I would be in attendance.  It feels like I’ve been away for  a year already.  Imagine the surprise on their faces.  It was great to see folks from Philly, DC, Boston, etc.  I even reunited with an old college friend who recognized me while I was checking in.

None of these little reunions will match the ones I had at the airport in DC.  My sister picked me up on Wednesday evening.  What a thrill to see her again.  It’s only been six months, but she’s pregnant and I’ve been dying to see her face.  She looks great!  Also, luck has it that my folks were coming to DC to spend time with her and James.  They arrived 3 hours after me.  Now, I know what it will be like when I return to the island to see my little guys and Gwen.  I’m sure we’ll be happy as can be.  I return home on Tuesday.  Before then, I will stay a bit longer with my folks and sister who now lives in Charlottesville where James is getting his PhD in religious studies.  My buddy Bruce got me tickets to the UVA Miami football game.  Wahoo wa!  Saturday night I’ll be in northern Virginia and hope to hook up with PT, Stanley and the rest of the gang.  Sunday, I’ll see Jay and clan.  Lucky, lucky me.

I hear rumors that I’ll be traveling to Arizona for a meeting next May.

Full Circle

When I was a kid growing up in California my dad thought it would be a good idea for me to earn a little money.  What easier way than to collect alumnium cans?  I could collect cans off the street or garbage cans, save some landfill space and make a little money.  My dad in an effort to assist my cause became an expert spotter of alumnium cans on the street.  He could see a can half way down the block, if we were in a car he would pull up to the can, stop the car, and instruct one of us girls to get out and grab the can. 

Here on Guam, where Bud Lite in a can is king, there are a lot of cans lying along the side of the road, calling to me to pick them up.  Cans are recyclable here, but I guess nobody has thought of my dad’s easy money idea.  The other day I could stand it no longer.  I packed my car with a bunch of plastic bags in preparation.  When I turned onto a quiet street and saw the round shiny shapes of a few cans, I pulled over and grabbed them.  The excitment of having my dad yell, ‘Jump out Gwen! Grab the can!’ was not there but the satisfaction of getting that can off the road was.