Full Circle

When I was a kid growing up in California my dad thought it would be a good idea for me to earn a little money.  What easier way than to collect alumnium cans?  I could collect cans off the street or garbage cans, save some landfill space and make a little money.  My dad in an effort to assist my cause became an expert spotter of alumnium cans on the street.  He could see a can half way down the block, if we were in a car he would pull up to the can, stop the car, and instruct one of us girls to get out and grab the can. 

Here on Guam, where Bud Lite in a can is king, there are a lot of cans lying along the side of the road, calling to me to pick them up.  Cans are recyclable here, but I guess nobody has thought of my dad’s easy money idea.  The other day I could stand it no longer.  I packed my car with a bunch of plastic bags in preparation.  When I turned onto a quiet street and saw the round shiny shapes of a few cans, I pulled over and grabbed them.  The excitment of having my dad yell, ‘Jump out Gwen! Grab the can!’ was not there but the satisfaction of getting that can off the road was.  


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