Just over 2 months.

I can’t believe it’s been only two and a half months.  Traveling to Boston for a conference this past week, I’ve run into many old colleagues who had no idea I would be in attendance.  It feels like I’ve been away for  a year already.  Imagine the surprise on their faces.  It was great to see folks from Philly, DC, Boston, etc.  I even reunited with an old college friend who recognized me while I was checking in.

None of these little reunions will match the ones I had at the airport in DC.  My sister picked me up on Wednesday evening.  What a thrill to see her again.  It’s only been six months, but she’s pregnant and I’ve been dying to see her face.  She looks great!  Also, luck has it that my folks were coming to DC to spend time with her and James.  They arrived 3 hours after me.  Now, I know what it will be like when I return to the island to see my little guys and Gwen.  I’m sure we’ll be happy as can be.  I return home on Tuesday.  Before then, I will stay a bit longer with my folks and sister who now lives in Charlottesville where James is getting his PhD in religious studies.  My buddy Bruce got me tickets to the UVA Miami football game.  Wahoo wa!  Saturday night I’ll be in northern Virginia and hope to hook up with PT, Stanley and the rest of the gang.  Sunday, I’ll see Jay and clan.  Lucky, lucky me.

I hear rumors that I’ll be traveling to Arizona for a meeting next May.


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