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tortoise eats young girl!


Boy drives car on the beach – gets ticket.mar-149blog.jpg

Mermaid washes ashore at Gab Gab Beach, Guam.



The sporting Moons

A couple more pics from George and Gail’s visit. See the other photos at “Recent Photos” on the right.



The Yao Ming of the Moon family

My cousin Peter once called me the Yao Ming of the Moon family because of my height.  Well on Guam, I am again tall.  I played my first basketball game tonight for Guam EPA.  I was quickly inserted in the starting lineup as center.  5′ 10 3/4″ in bare feet never felt so tall.  I’ve never had this kind of preferential treatment.  Not since I had a pony tail in the late 80s did people treat me in some particular way because of my physical features.  Ok, that’s a lie.  I know many of the Ucoop mom’s have swooned over my good looks.  ha ha.

Well, we won and I played like someone who hasn’t played basketball in a long time.  I missed not just a few open layups.  I did however score enough to help the team, and more importantly, cemented my position at center as the tallest person on the team.


Yum. The coconut is more than something that bopped Gilligan on the head; and even more than a bikini top for the traditional dancers in grass skirts. Last night we were dining on the back porch with George, Gail, and my colleague Michael, when my neighbor Mike brought us a delicious dessert of bananas boiled in coconut milk. Seeing the opportunity to answer a burning question, George asked Mike what was the best way to get coconut meat out of the shell. A few nights earlier, Elli labored over half a coconut with a spoon and scraped out some meat which we roasted and sprinkled on vanilla ice cream. That was delicious. Mike said to wait a second and left us. He returned with his 2 sons and nephew and all kinds of paraphenalia. He brought a shredder which consisted of a piece of sharpened rebar mounted to a metal stand. With a foot on the stand, he rammed the coconut husk onto the sharp point and pried off the husk from the nut. With a his 2 foot machete, he showed us the “eyes” of the coconut and gouged out the eye so we could drink the juice. The juice of a young coconut is very sweet. Again with his machete, he tapped the coconut while rotating it until it cracked in half. The last tool was a wooden stool called a kumzu that has a mounted metal spoon with teeth, jutting out horizontally from the stool. He sat on the stool and cupped the half coconut in his two hands while turning the coconut over the toothed spoon. The spoon would catch the shredded coconut. His kumzu has been handed down for generations. We learned lots about coconuts and their stages of growth, taste and use to the ancient chamorro sailors for water on the seas. Yes, we are in the south Pacific!

Grandma and Grandpa are here!

The day after Alex’s birthday, he got one of his best presents.  George and Gail arrived early morning on a flight from Osaka.  They are here for 8 days of fun and play.  We’ve visited the old cultural village, hiked the beaches in the north, played some golf at the beautiful Mangilao golf course, eaten fanciful dinners, and even tackled a few hard coconuts.  Here’s the proof!mar-053blog.jpg



The happy campers before the tee off.


George can still hit ’em.mar-104blog.jpg

The ball didn’t get wet on this hole…it got lost in the jungle!


“Call it what you will: Mystery Meat, Pink Pork, Something Posing As Meat, or even its best-known local moniker — Chamorro Steak. Nobody on Guam cares that the rest of the world takes such delight in mocking Guam’s favorite processed product, SPAM luncheon meat.

Carolyn Wyman, author of ” SPAM , a Biography,” writes that people from Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Alaska eat one can per person per year — and that’s twice the national average. A representative of Hormel Foods distributor Dickerson & Quinn has said that Guam residents eat 16 cans per person, per year — making us the largest consumers of SPAM.”

Birthday weekend for Alex

Alex is turning twelve on the 5th. So, as tradition has it in the Herron-Moon clan, it’s your birthday weekend. We spent Saturday evening having dinner and a bonfire at Don and Terry’s house. They have a great place on the beach down south. Here’s Alex practicing his yo-yo’ing. On Sunday, we headed to his favorite restaurant for a buffet lunch of sushi, fried rice, tempura shrimp, and shave ice. Now they are watching Merlin’s Apprentice. All in all, a perfect weekend for Alex.mar-029blog.jpg