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It’s banana season

One afternoon, the kids arrived home from school to this bunch of bananas.  Our neighbors dropped it off.  The bananas grown in our neighborhood are smaller than the grocery store variety and are a bit sweeter.  We’ve been making fruit smoothies for breakfast and having bananas with ice cream for dessert.  We peeled the rest and froze them for snacks and more smoothies.may-003blog.jpg


Navy ships visiting Guam

The Bonhomme Richard Expeditionary Strike Group (BHRESG) entered the U.S. 7th Fleet area of responsibility (AOR) April 23, while enroute to the Persian Gulf in support of the global war on terrorism.

BHRESG is a rapid response strike group available for humanitarian or non-combatant evacuation operations.  While operating in the 7th Fleet AOR, the BHRESG will conduct drills and exercises to prepare for operations in the Persian Gulf.

A half dozen ships and about 5000 soldiers arrived on Guam in late April for 3 days of shopping, r and r, and community service projects.

Here’s one of the ships in port at our naval base.


M is for Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mom’s out there. For Gwen, her morning started with a run while the kids made blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes.


Later in the day, Gwen chose to go golfing at Andersen Air Force Base. They had the family special for all 5 of us for $30 with carts and clubs. Father was very happy with this choice. Didn’t see many other mother’s out there. They must have gotten there early!

Wave rider!

Here’s a pic of Alex months ago on his first solo jet ski ride.  We just bought a new printer all in one machine after the decade old printer konked out.  The scanner works!


That’s MISTER Moon to you…

One big difference between Seattle and the island is that we are not Wally and Gwen to many of the other kids.  Most of the folks we have met here who have relocated to the island have the tradition of not using adults’ first names.  It was strange at first to be called Mr. Moon (only hotel front desk people call me that).  Now, it seems normal and I don’t mind it at all.  I’m reminded of my incredibly high stature in society and the immense responsibility I have in the community……..nah!  It just sounds cute when the kids say it.

Here’s a random picture of an incredibly different place on this planet.  I shot this from the plane on my way to the North Slope of Alaska in 2005, almost exactly 2 years ago.


Mahi mahi and wahoo

It’s mahi mahi and wahoo season off the coast of Guam. Some friends went out for several hours pretty close to shore and caught these. Last night we broiled them and they were tasty.


That’s a mahi above, and a wahoo below.


The Lady Crushers

Introducing the all-girl 12 and under team.  Elli has just completed her second season here on Guam.  This season, the Crushers were organized on defense and took advantage of their counterattack opportunities.  Elli played center mid and scored a few goals.  The girls played hard and were a pleasure to coach.  lady-crushersblog.jpg