Highlights of the Japan/Guam Acker/Myer/Moon Holiday

There were so many good times but here a a sampling of our favorites:

1. Seeing our friends!!!

2. Hemiji and Nijoji Castles (Alex and Gwen’s choice)

3. Eating the food in Japan-sushi for breakfast, bentos for lunch on the train, and udon and donburi for dinner

4. Playing paintball in Guam (Alex and Wally’s choice)

5. Boat ride in Agat Bay with dolphins and snorkling at Coral Gardens

6. Staying at the ryokan, sleeping on the floor, wearing the yukata at the inn (Gwen, Davis and Elli’s choice)

7. Relaxing at the public bath in Kyoto (Gwen and Wally’s choice)

8. Swimming at the Hilton (Elli’s choice)

9. Pokemon Center in Tokyo (Davis’ choice)

10. Learning to speak japanese (Elli’s choice)

Hafa adai and sayonara



1 Response to “Highlights of the Japan/Guam Acker/Myer/Moon Holiday”

  1. 1 Laurie July 16, 2007 at 5:36 pm

    Konichiwa! I wish our paths had crossed in Japan! What did you think of those elaborate Euro toilets with all the buttons? I found one that had 8 different buttons and I actually pressed all of them (finishing with the blow-dry setting).
    My favorite Japanese word? MAC-a-doh-NA-roo-do (hint: it’s borrowed from English and has something to do with fast food).
    We’re missing you (again) in the neighborhood this summer.
    Laurie & Carmen

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