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Whale loses its way

This morning in our main harbor, 2 commercial divers from off-island spotted a young whale near shore and bleeding.  It appears to be some kind of beaked whale that found itself in shallow water and up against sharp coral.  Once word got out, many of the locals and federal fisheries/biologists hit the seen.  The whale was escorted by divers and jet skiers out back to deep waters where it swam away.  Here are some pics taken by our Public Information Officer.  You can get a sense of how big it is – probably 15 feet long.





Priest’s Pools

Priest Pools is a hike in southern Guam.  The Pigua River cascades along terraces of basalt lava as it heads toward the ocean.  The water was cool and somewhat clear.  Back when the Spanish first arrived on the island in the 1500s, the priests would bathe in the cool fresh water.  The river meanders in the typical volcanic hills and tall sword grass found throughout the south.  On our hike today, it was a bit muggy and overcast making our arrival at the river a big relief.  While in the pools, the clouds broke open pouring down buckets of water on us and the hills around us.  The falls gained volume and our concern for hiking out on the slippery rocks grew.  Luckily, we made it back safely with no injuries.


Cousin Lukas and his grandma Lani

Such a sweet picture, we had to share.


The backstreets of Mongmong, part 2

I’ve been back out in the ‘field’, neighborhoods really, assessing homes for the last three weeks. During this phase I have been fortunate to be in neighborhoods where extended family members all live near each other. Typically, someone’s grandparent owned a big tract of land and over the last 20-30 years different family members; children, cousins, aunts and uncles will be given/buy a portion of the land and build homes on them. Which means when we assess someone’s house, the next house we go to is their cousins house or their mom’s house, we can get a sense of the family by meeting so many of the members in a row.

What I liked best about seeing this was it reminded me of our special Maple Leaf neighborhood. Grandkids would call over to Grandma’s house to find out what she was cooking for dinner, then people would show up with a dish and share dinner together. Or if Grandma didn’t cook that night they she would be invited up to the kids house for dinner and the cousins were coming too. Reminded me of many summer nights in Seattle where we spontaneously had dinner together with friends or Aunties or Halmoni and Hadaboji.


On Saturday, Gwen and I played a golf scramble with another couple. This is the first time she and I have done this. With borrowed clubs and some wide open fairways, we were able to shoot 9 over par. It was a fun day and although there were no prizes or trophies, we’ll be doing it again soon.  Next time, I’ll get Gwen to aim it at the flag!


Alex is a scuba diver!

Alex has just completed his Junior Open Water Diver Certification.  He is not certified to go as deep as 60′ to explore marine life.  His instructor said he has not seen any kid score as high as he did on his tests, and the comfort Alex has underwater.  Next weekend, Alex and papa will go on a boat dive.  We are very proud of him.  Now all I have to do is convince Gwen that we need to go back to Palau one of the best dive locations in the world.  Here’s a pic from Australia taken in July.


Introducing…baby Gia!

Here’s our newest niece/cousin.  She’s healthy and happy in Santa Rosa, California.