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Searching for sea stars

At Asan Beach where the Americans retook the island from the Japanese in 1944, there are tons of sea stars, old bunkers, and great views.


Check out the weather in the background.


Bunker at the base of the hill.


Davis and Paige.


Soccer is here!

The fall season (rainy) has started again.  Davis is playing with the U10 group with a bunch of his friends.


“This one’s mine!”



Hi from California!


Gwen’s in Stockton to visit with her newest niece Gia and the rest of the gang.  Here are Gwen, Greg w/Gia, Garland w/Henry, Gail w/Lyla and George.  Missing are Gretchen (who took the pic), Bo, and of course the rest of the Herron-Moon clan.


Rain, rain, go away…

It’s been so long since the last rainy season that I’ve forgotten just how muggy and muddy it gets here.  Starting in August, the rain comes down almost daily and the clouds fill the sky.  The downfalls are shorter and heavier than in Seattle.  So far in September it has rained 6.5″ in 11 days.  It’s pouring outside tonight.  For the month, we’ll easily get a quarter of what Seattle gets in a whole year.  You would think with all the rain year in and year out, the roads would be designed to drain the large volumes of water.  Well, this is Guam.  Planning and smart development just don’t happen here.  The roads will get full streams running over them, and the main road along the southern coast can get unpassable.  It’s not all bad though.  There’s a low spot on the next block where my foot always gets heavy and the car always seems to swerve right into it.

What do you wear to a global warming party?

With all the talk about whether global warming is actually occurring, let alone if humans are the cause of it, I came across some indisputable evidence. This should put all the debate to rest.


Our 1 year anniversary.

September 7th marks our first full year on Guam.  While we’ve enjoyed many of our new adventures, the prevailing sentiment in the household is that we want to come home.  It’s pretty certain that we will forego extending our time here and head back to Seattle late next summer.  I asked everyone to give me a sense of how they felt after one year here and this is what I heard:

Davis – I want to watch more TV.  It’s been fun and very hot, 95 degrees always.  I miss my cousins, every cousin that I have.

Elli – I want to come home.

Alex – I want to go back to Seattle and see my friends and my house.  If possible, I’d like to eat at Taco Del Mar, Bagel Oasis, and the NY Pizzeria the first day back.
Gwen – I’m glad we came, it’s been a growing experience (I’m not talking about Wally’s weight. ha ha).  I can’t wait to see everybody.

Wally – I want to see my newest niece and nephew and all my family, hang with my boys, and reconnect with all those special people in our community.   I can’t wait for our big Korea trip in the spring and perhaps another trip to Palau.

Diving an old tanker wreck

Alex and I took a boat to the inner harbor to dive an old american tanker.  The tanker was used after WWII to bring goods to Guam.  It now sits at the bottom of the harbor at about 60′ below the surface.  The tanker was huge, approximately 270′ long.  It’s astonishing to see this mammoth piece of metal underwater at peace.