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I wish I had my camera

Two nights ago, I witnessed the most incredible lightning storm with 7 friends. We just finished our final softball game of the year and opened the first of many Bud Lights. The rain started slowly, and the locals here know that the rain will only get heavier quickly. We retreated to the nearest awning and began to witness a huge lightning storm in the distance. You have to remember that we are 4000 miles west of Hawaii, a bit closer to land in Asia, but still out in the middle of the oceans. The Phillipine Sea sits west of us and the storm we saw was high up in the sky and way out west. Every few minutes over the next hour, lightning strikes were followed by deep rolling thunder that would last 15 seconds or more. The concrete building sheltering us would vibrate. The lightning was incredible. Not the normal vertical strike with lesser fingers reaching out, or sky to ground, but lightning from cloud to cloud. These bolts were almost poetic, moving in all directions and even switching directions. Some bolts were in pairs or trios. Pretty quickly, everyone was facing in one direction while chattering up a storm (haha). Here’s a pic that is close to what we saw except these bolts are heading to the ground.




This is the scene immediately following our goalie’s save of the last penalty kick attempt.  Alex’s team has had 2 straight penalty kick shootouts in the playoffs.  This one we edged the Wings, the team to beat, 3-2 in penalty kicks.  I’ve just started coaching this U12 team, but it’s been a whirlwind ride.  Next week is the championship.  We were the 6th seed.  Alex is having a great time now which wasn’t the case last season.  The team is playing much better together and hanging in games with a tough defense and opportunistic offense.  Just look at the joy on their faces.


Alex was a monster as stopper, denying their forwards any shot on goal.  He also scored one of the penalty kicks.  Here, he finally makes it to the celebration.


Gwen and her coworkers

These are the women who have introduced Gwen to the island way. Here they are enjoying a little birthday cake at the officejessicas-birthday.jpg.

Micronesia Island Fair

Each year for the past 20, Guam has held a huge fair to show off Micronesian culture.  Our island has many different peoples here that call themselves Micronesian.  You have the Chamorros, Carolinians, Yapese, Chuukese and even the Papua New Gineans.  Davo, Gwen and I hit the fair and learned about canoe making, bought a couple painting prints, and a bamboo bow and fish spear for Davo.  I’ve included a picture of the crowd where you’ll see all the brown skin and maybe get a sense what the local islanders look like.






Davis grew a pepper and has new clothes

I know…exciting, but at least the grandparents will love it!!



A perfect day in Seattle

I had the fortune of visiting Seattle before a business trip to Portland.  My sister, James and little Lukas made the trip to the NW for the visit.  Here we are enjoying the beauty of Greenlake on a sunny day.  It was good to be home!


With friends like these…

you want to be with them as much as you can.