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Halloween at the office

We had a feast and a costume contest that brought out the best in people. The winner received a roundtrip ticket to a neighboring island. Can you guess who won?



Just some pics…

Here’s Elli dressing up for dress down as a foreigner day at school. Here’s Davis getting a buzz.dscn8918.jpg


Sailing in blue warm water

Did I tell you that I’m taking a sailing class? Yes, I am fulfilling one of my goals. I’m learning on 14′ lasers which are the ferrari of sailing vessels I’m told. They are fast and can easily tip over in a strong gust of wind when you don’t have the skill. I’m tipped several times but the water is so warm, it doesn’t really matter. Each Sunday for the last 5, I’ve spent about 1-3 hours on the boat by myself learning the ins and outs of tacking and jibing. It’s a blast.


Our little musician

Alex is taking guitar lessons at school.  Here’s one of his first tunes.

Our little gymnast

She works hard at getting better.

Davis’ soccer team nearly goes undefeated

They won every game this year, but the last one. Maybe a bit overconfident?! Ahhh, they are just a bunch of 7,8 and 9 year olds having a good time. Here’s the U10 team photo. Davis is only 7 but he played with the older boys. The coach on the right is my good friend Muni.