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Diving on Xmas Eve

Alex and I dove at the Fish Eye underwater observatory on xmas eve. It’s about a 15 min drive from our house. In another 15 minutes, we’re in the water chasing fish! Thanks for the cool board shorts Maryann and Bill!


Here are Davs and Alex at the Sheraton pool.  A friend had a birthday party for their 2 year old.



The JOY of the holidays.

Although we miss family and friends, we’re making the best of it here.  Today is xmas on Guam.   We spent a solid 2 hours opening presents.  Tis the season for giving…and for receiving.




Elli took this picture of xmas lights.


Down under

Just got these pics electronically from the Steiner-Rileys.  I think these were taken from Zack and Sam’s hi-tech cameras.



Where did you get that ornament?

Today was a big day.  We decorated the tree.  You probably all have your favorite reasons for putting up the tree.  My favorite part is remembering when and where or who gave us the ornament.  We have collected them over the years, since 1991 when Gwen and I first moved in together.  We have handmade ones from very talented friends.  We have kid made ones from loving kids.  They all have a little story behind them.  The tree is lit in the corner brightening our mood.  For an added bonus, we visited Skinner Plaza for all the lights.  No, this isn’t our tree below.  Click on Recent Photos and then December to see more.


Holidays Elves!

Our friends Julie and Pat found this for us. Enjoy!

Or click on “Herron-Moon Elves Dancing” in the blogroll to the right.

Scuba on a school day

A couple friends and colleagues from San Fran came for a visit. Friday was a Guam holiday but not for the schools. I took Alex out for a dive at Gab Gab beach. We swam about a fifth of a mile to an offshore reef where the local dive companies have set a fish feeding spot.  These are black jacks from the tuna family about 4 foot long.  Steve has a very nice underwater camera with flash.