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B-2 Stealth Bomber crashes on Guam


The first ever crash of the Stealth Bomber occurred on Guam this past weekend.  The bomber crashed shortly after takeoff on Andersen Air Force Base on the north end of the island.  The bomber was introduced in 1988 and costs over $1B.  The pilots survived and the investigation into the crash are underway.  Occasionally, we will see the bomber fly over our soccer practices which is quite an incredible sight.  It has a range of 6000 nautical miles and can carry conventional and nuclear munitions.


Friends in far away places.

Just the other day, I received a phone call from Roger. He lived here in the 60s, married a local woman, Mary and lived here again in the 90s. He and Mary are visiting relatives after 10 years of non-Guam life. Roger happens to be the brother of my dear friend Dennis, and has been following our adventure through this blog. Well, thankfully, Roger called to get together and meet for the first time. He and Mary met me at a local watering hole that was certainly not here when Roger last lived on island. Much has changed, much hasn’t. We had a couple scotches and exchanged stories about then and now. What hasn’t changed is the weather and pace of life. It was great to finally meet them and I’m hoping Dennis will plan a golfing trip down to AZ someday for some golf and fun at their golf course home. Here we are at the water hole.


Underground Swimming Hole

Whew, it was hot and sweaty but it was worth it. This morning we hiked to the ancient Chamorro Village-Pagat and its limestone cave complete with a freshwater underground pool. The five Herron-Moon’s led by our trusty hiking guides Don Antrobus and his 3 year old daughter, Paige ventured through the rugged limestone forest down a steep trail to the village and cave. Once we got to the cave, Elli and I were a little apprehensive to climb down into the dark slippery cave, but Alex, Don and Wally eagerly led the way. We headed down the slippery trail to the first little pool (about 2 feet deep) linked to the main cave and pool by a tight channel. The channel felt a little like spulunking when climbing through it. We swam into the the main cave and hung out into the cave/pool (4 to 8 feet deep) taking turns holding the flashlights and swimming around. It was definitely a one of kind hike!!