Heading home

Looks like our time is coming to an end here in the way western Pacific.  The summer on the mainland is beckoning.  Actually, our family and friends are pulling us back, in addition to getting ready for school, celebrating the 4th at Camano and camping at Wiley Creek.  We are making plans for our return and we could be in Seattle by June 15.  Nothing is quite certain until the proper paperwork is completed by my office.  More later.


1 Response to “Heading home”

  1. 1 Mary Beth Sheridan May 9, 2008 at 3:47 am

    Hi Wally and Gwen! I have been meaning to “write” for ages. Wally, have you found something at Region 10? I meant to tell you that I don’t really know anyone there but a good friend is now the deputy office director for OUST here (Carolyn Hoskinson) and she said anytime you want to work here, let her know! Or maybe you could recommend someone in your office to come here and you could have their position. They need rulewriters!

    I do love checking in with you guys now and then on your blog, seeing the pictures, and reading about your travels. Hope everything goes well your last month or so and you have a safe trip home. Be sure to give us a call if/when you come to visit DC!

    Love, MB

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