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The Moons have landed!

Just like Magellan 500 years ago hitting the shores of Guam, the Moons have hit the shores of CA.  We arrived in San Fran this morning to be picked up by Gia, Gar and Greg.  We’ll stay here for a few days to celebrate George’s birthday in Stockton.  Then, on our way to Seattle.


Leaving Guam

It’s June 2 and we are now out of our rental home and in a hotel.  Our stuff will be packed and shipped by the end of the week.  It should take a good 2 months for it to arrive in Seattle.  In the meantime, we are getting our selves packed and ready for shipping.  We will be in hotels until we depart Guam on June 10th.  We’ll visit family in CA from the 10th-14th.  Then to Seattle on the 14th!!  Don’t know exactly where we’ll be staying at first, but we should be available to see our old friends!