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The Moons have landed!

Just like Magellan 500 years ago hitting the shores of Guam, the Moons have hit the shores of CA.  We arrived in San Fran this morning to be picked up by Gia, Gar and Greg.  We’ll stay here for a few days to celebrate George’s birthday in Stockton.  Then, on our way to Seattle.


Leaving Guam

It’s June 2 and we are now out of our rental home and in a hotel.  Our stuff will be packed and shipped by the end of the week.  It should take a good 2 months for it to arrive in Seattle.  In the meantime, we are getting our selves packed and ready for shipping.  We will be in hotels until we depart Guam on June 10th.  We’ll visit family in CA from the 10th-14th.  Then to Seattle on the 14th!!  Don’t know exactly where we’ll be staying at first, but we should be available to see our old friends!

The island of Rota

Just a short flight away from Guam, the isle of Rota is part of the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands and physically similar to Guam. However, it’s much smaller; only 10 miles long and 3 miles wide. Our last vacation from Guam with our good friends was a quiet time enjoying the best of the tropics. We had four days on an island with less than 5000 people, 2 gas stations, 1 golf course and NO street lights. The pace was nice and slow. We snorkeled on a beautiful reef and will get some photos and video of our boat trip up later. Two turtles and a shark joined us for a swim. The bird population has been decimated by the brown tree snake on Guam, but not on Rota, the birds had free reign around the island and especially at the bird sanctuary on the NE coast. It was good to see the flying creatures again. Check out other trip photos on Recent Photos to the right.

Here’s Davis after catching his first crab with a trap he found at the beach.

Wally on TV news

Heading home

Looks like our time is coming to an end here in the way western Pacific.  The summer on the mainland is beckoning.  Actually, our family and friends are pulling us back, in addition to getting ready for school, celebrating the 4th at Camano and camping at Wiley Creek.  We are making plans for our return and we could be in Seattle by June 15.  Nothing is quite certain until the proper paperwork is completed by my office.  More later.

Earth Day Festival

Each year my office puts on the festival. All the environmental programs set up booths to discuss what we do and why. Here I am poised to chat people up.

Ah . . .Korea

Ah . . . Korea, the land of hearty food redolent of garlic, public bath houses, cell phones, cherry trees and smog. April turned out to be a lovely time to visit. The weather was primarily good, the trees were blooming all over the place, and it seemed like sometimes we were the only foreigners there. What a treat to spend two weeks wandering around, seeing the beautiful and tumultuous old Korea mix it up with the gadget/technology crazy modern Korea.

My favorite memories include:

  • Our first sight of Joan, Tracy, and Kaden in the elevator;
  • Sleeping on the warm floor of the 500-year old home on sleeping mats;
  • Relaxing in the sun on the porch of the same house;
  • Scrubbing every last speck of dirt off my skin then soaking in the blazing hot water, followed up with a dip in the freezing cold pool;
  • Strolling along the newly day-lighted river in downtown Seoul-it is lit up at night with thousands of tiny white lights;
  • Sipping tea with Halmoni while listening to her memories of the war years and meeting Hadaboji;
  • Tasting all the street vendor food;
  • Exploring the twisty curvy narrow streets;
  • Window shopping in Insadong; and
  • Searching out the cheapest tastiest lattes available.

It was a great trip and the kids loved it too!